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Telephone Repair Service

Repair Service

Our service repair line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that you can report problems as soon as they occur. Normally we will be out within 8 working hours to restore your service. Trouble reported on Sundays will be repaired the following Monday. We recommend you familiarize yourself with the Telephone Network Interface (demarcation) located on the outside of your house or building. Click on Telephone Network Interface for instructions on how to use the interface. By following these instructions, you will be able to determine if the trouble is caused by your equipment (i.e., house wire, jacks, phones) or by the Cooperative’s facilities. Hill Country Telephone will make any necessary repairs. However, you will be charged an hourly labor charge plus materials for repairs made to your equipment, unless you have signed up for our Inside Wire Maintenance service.

Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc. is responsible for providing local service, dial tone and transmission facilities. Repair of local and long distance service, as well as repair of any equipment you lease from Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc., will be handled by the Repair Department. If you, as a customer, are using Customer-Owned Equipment, please read the following information before calling the Repair Department

Checking Customer-Owned Equipment

Modular telephones can be easily checked by unplugging the telephone set with which you are experiencing trouble and plugging a second telephone (if available) into the same jack to determine if the problem still exists. This is a simple test to determine whether the problem is with the customer's equipment. In most cases, you may also test the inside wiring in your house by plugging in your telephone at the connector box outside.

If you have determined the trouble to be in Customer-Owned Equipment, please follow the warranty instructions or return the set to the place of purchase. If you are unable to determine if the problem is in Customer-Owned Equipment, inside wiring or in the telephone company's network, please call Hill Country Telephone Cooperative Inc.'s Repair Department and we will be happy to help you pinpoint the problem.

A Service Charge May Apply

If a Hill Country Telephone repairman has to visit a subscriber's premises to check on reported trouble, and the repairman has determined the trouble is caused by Customer-Owned Equipment, inside wiring or jacks, and not by Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc. facilities; a service charge of $25.00 may apply. If you choose to have the trouble repaired by the repair man, an hourly charge will apply.

Repair Service Numbers

To report that your telephone is out of order, please call one of the following numbers. Trouble calls are accepted 24 hours a day.

If long distance, you may call: ......................... 1-800-292-5457
Ingram, Hunt, Garven Store, Mt. Home: .......... 367-5111
Center Point, Comfort, Sisterdale: ................... 995-2822
Concan, Doss, Fredonia, Katemcy, Leakey, Medina,
Pontotoc, Reagan Wells, Rio Frio, Streeter,
Tarpley: ........................................................1-800-292-5457

Cable Location

Before digging or trenching in the vicinity of buried
telephone cable or wire: .................................. Call 811

Hill Country Telephone Cooperative. Remember, our services are brought to you by local people, striving to build for the community.