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Internet Support

Internet Service Support

HCTC offers free technical support for our Internet customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just call us at 888-638-4282 for help with questions about your Dial-Up, or Internet account.  For Satellite please call us at 888-886-6861.

SecureIT Plus

Unlike Norton and McAfee, our SecureIT Plus product offers FREE technical support 24/7. Just call 877-373-3320 for help when you need it.

Technical  Support Services

Hill Country Telephone Cooperative staff offers technical assistance and support to our residential and business customers.  Our Technology Service Associate works with our customers to assist them with resolving their technology questions and problems.  Further, our Technology Service Associate can suggest solutions to our customers when uncertain about which electronic and entertainment device best meets their need.

For the standard technology user who is uncertain about how to set up their equipment, how to program their remotes, or how to upgrade and maintain their equipment, our Technology Service Associate will come to our customer’s home or business and provide help.

For the computer or network minded customer, Hill Country’s Technology Service Associate will recommend, sell, install, setup, test, and repair customer owned networks and devices that make use of the telecommunications network.  Hill Country’s Technology Service Associate has an appreciation for technology and has a desire to help people, and can effectively explain the purpose and operations of technical devices to our customers.  The Technology Service Associate facilitates the complete solution of product sales, upgrades, installations and service at the customer’s location or at the office.

For those complex problems, our Technology Service Associate can explain the customer’s unique needs to Hill Country’s telecommunications network technical staff and foster their support in devising a solution.  The Technology Associate works effectively with the access network technicians and with the IP network technicians.

Typical Help Provided:

  • Program your remote controls.
  • Provide personalized help and training for common activities.
  • Troubleshoot recurring and aggravating problems.
  • Install and set-up a computer network, wireless or cabled.
  • Secure an existing network; wireless network or a multiuser business network.
  • Install and set-up a security camera, a printer, or a file and print server.
  • Optimize your network for business applications, for your entertainment system, and even for your Internet gaming.
  • Hot-line support for those “Oh Noooo!” events.
  • Provide virus/spyware/malware remediation.
  • Provide virtual IT Services

Hill Country Telephone Cooperative. Remember, our services are brought to you by local people, striving to build for the community.