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HCTC - Bringing It Home to the Hill Country HCTC - Bringing It Home to the Hill Country

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On February 13, 1951, a group of five men met and formed Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (Hill Country) for the purpose of furnishing area-wide telephone service in rural areas to the widest practical number of users. Being based on the Cooperative plan at the lowest cost, consistent with sound economy and good management, today Hill Country Telephone Cooperative provides telecommunication services in 15 exchanges located in 14 counties spread over 2900 square miles in rugged Hill Country terrain. The Cooperative is governed by a Board of Directors, with the 11 members representing nine districts.

The Cooperative’s objectives are to continue to enhance, improve and maintain telecommunications services at its highest level at the least possible cost to its members. As the Texas Hill Country continues to grow and the needs and demographics of its subscriber base evolve, Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, realizing the importance of broadband availability for rural economic development, has embarked on a mission to make broadband available throughout its service area. As the future of telecommunications is unfolding and broadband is the direction, Hill Country is strategically positioning itself to meet the ever-changing needs of its members, today and into the future.

Any person, firm, association, corporation, or body politic or subdivision thereof, may become a member of Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc. by agreeing to comply with and be bound by the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws of the Cooperative and any rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Directors that are consistent with local, state and federal law.

Read the current President's Report and Manager's Report.

Hill Country Telephone Cooperative. Remember, our services are brought to you by local people, striving to build for the community.